Wednesday, September 28, 2016


BikeWorks North
7:12 Pm
Nikon D3100
1/60 sec F4

Eduardo looks up whistfully after having excitedly described the bike of his dreams - a 1950's era Raleigh made in Ireland. When asked why he is so interested in this bike he says "It makes me happy!"
Wearing his favourite Park Tools apron, he leans against his commuter bike - a very well maintained Giant purchased from Western Cycle.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


5915 Gateway Blvd.
10:12 Am
Nikon D3100
1/500 sec. F8

Commuting to work on his silver Nishiki Olympic bike, Owen worries that the many bumps on Grierson Hill are going to loosen all his spokes! Hearing a rattling this morning, he intends to take off the reflectors screwed onto the spokes. This might mean a quieter ride and truer wheels.