Monday, June 23, 2014

Tanya Littlchild

12:17 Pm
National Aboriginal Day
Jasper Avenue and 102 Street
Fujifilm X100
1/400 sec F16

It was the sound of drumbeats coming from the park where a year or so ago, the Occupy Wall Street protesters had set up camp, that piqued my interest.  A tall white Tee Pee sat on the corner near Jasper Avenue and people picnicked on the lush grass.

Tanya's outfit caught my attention and she proudly posed for me with her 1930's bike.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


1:12 Pm
Winston Churchill Square
Bikeology Festival
Canon Point and shoot
1/500 F16

Robert needed some work done on his bike while enjoying the Bikeology Festival right downtown.  It was a hot day of full sun reflecting off the concrete surface of the square.  Even though the repair stand was under an umbrella, I still needed to roll up the legs of my bib overalls.

This cyclist was ever grateful that his bike could be worked on while he enjoyed the pedal-powered musical entertainment and ran around taking pictures with his own point and shoot camera.

  Like everyone else, Robert is proud of his bike and it has become an extension of his personality.

Friday, June 13, 2014


10:23 Am
High Level Streetcar Tracks
Canon 7D
1/400 sec. F16

Don pulled off the bike path just south of the High Level Bridge and walked his bike to a wooden platform between the two streetcar tracks.  His mission was act as an arborist and trim the caragana growing profusely on either side of the tracks.  As a volunteer with the streetcar society, Don has been pruning the foliage for a number of years "Just about twenty or so years," he said.