Monday, February 24, 2014


5:15 Pm
Minus 13C
250/sec   F16

"I do this pretty much every day." Brian tells me when I catch up to him on 102 Avenue and 135 Street.  "Usually I take the river valley but decided with the warmer weather to take a different route".
The weather forecast for tonight is minus 28 (without the wind chill), so Brian might have a cooler ride to work tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


6:04 Pm
BikeWorks North
F4, 1/30sec

Rob and I have the exact same winter bike so when he popped into BikeWorks North to begin his shift as a mechanic, it was of interest to me to inspect his ride.

Coincidentally, we both have swapped out the index shifters and replaced them with simple-to-use-with-gloves friction shifters.  He even has the same headlight as me on his handlebars.

I learned a lot from Rob about winter cycling and perhaps this is just a case of me copying him.

Rob wants me to email him this picture so that he can send it to a friend in Iran who has a mobile shoe shining business and wants to know what winter is like in Canada.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


5:03 Pm
10212 Jasper Avenue
Minus 27C

With the windchill making a coward out of me, I sat by one the display windows at my work and waited for this cyclist to pass by.   He had cycled past before and knowing that people are creatures of habit, I was sure I could photograph him while I basked in the warmth of my workplace.

In fact, Mr. Anonymous had already ridden past the window in the opposite direction but I missed my opportunity when a co-worker distracted me. I'm glad I still waited with my camera ready to go.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


3:34 Pm
Old Strathcona Area

With a plaid scarf covering his face, I didn't recognize Randy as he rode his bike past the Starbucks where we were loading up on black plasma to ward off the cold.

Once I caught up with him and he had his helmet off, I recognized this winter cyclist from my time volunteering as a mechanic at the bike co-op.  I'm certain that I've worked on his bike and when he recognized me he exclaimed "You're that left-leaning cycling radical!"  (He must have been confusing me with another cyclist).