Wednesday, April 23, 2014


11:12 am
Nose Creek Pathway, Calgary
1/400sec. F16
FujiFilm X100

With and hour to spend on my bike while my vehicle was being worked on, I decided to ride the bicycle pathway that parallels Deerfoot Trail in Calgary.  It was on my way back from the Bow River that I came across Dave out for a regular ride.  He frequently cycles from his home in Harvest Hills to the Peace Bridge near Prince's Island.
"It takes me about 45 minutes depending if there is a tail wind going down but longer if I have to ride into the wind on the way home!"  I knew what he meant - I made down to the Bow quite easily but had to slog my way back up to the car repair shop using only the three gears that my 20" Raleigh has to offer.

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